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Red-Letter Dates in the Juche Era
Juche 83
Kim Il Sung dies
Juche 42
Korean War ends
Juche 34
WW II ends
Juche 1
Kim Il Sung is born
Jul 4, B.J. 136
America declares independence
B.J. 11,911
Civilization begins in Fertile Crescent
B.J. 65,001,911
Dinosaurs disappear
B.J. 5,000,001,911
Solar System forms
Gregorian - Juche Era Conversion Tool

Quite possibly the most useful conversion tool on the Web. Enter the year, and convert between the Gregorian (Western) calendar and the Juche era. For negative years (i.e. "B.C." or "B.J." (before Juche)), put a minus sign in front of the year


It should be noted that according to the strict guidelines of the KCNA, there is no "before Juche" era. Oh well.